Big Boy Toys Repair

This page is devoted to the equipment that we have repaired in the past. Whether it is a clutch replacement, gears replaced, shift rails / forks or injection units replaced, we can do it.  Basically, if it's mechanical, it's repairable. It is possible that I may turn away a job due to special tools I may not have that may be needed to complete repairs, parts availability or even the space needed to complete the repair.

Below is work performed on a 1983 Ford New Holland 4500 Backhoe. This transmission is a 6x4 manual reversing transmission. Backhoe unit removed from tractor and the separated the rear axle from the transmission. Then the transmission was able to be removed from the engine for repairs. I have replaced 5 gears, one shift rail, one shift fork, all bearings and the clutch.  

Here is a Mahindra tractor that the hi and low speed shift gear needed replacing. Separated the tractor and removed the transmission for repairs.

This is a early 1970's Massey Ferguson 175 tractor that was in the east Louisiana flood of 2016. The tractor was brought to me in 2018 and the owner ask me to get it running. We have rebuilt the starter, replaced the fuel injection pump, all 4 fuel injectors, engine oil and filter in order to start the engine. Still to install is the new radiator and hoses, tires, and work on other minor externals.

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