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Details of some Completed Repairs

1965 Ford Mustang

65 mustang.jpg

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1965 Ford Mustang 302 Automatic Transmission. Here we installed a updated new 3 core radiator and modified upper radiator hose to clear the aftermarket pulley that was needed for his already installed aftermarket AC system. Installed by us was a new brake master and booster upgrade for better braking. The fuel tank was also removed and cleaned and we installed a new fuel level sensor. Also, the fuel pump was always on when the ignition key was turned in the on position, so we solved this problem by using the engines oil pressure to activate the fuel pump. With a three way oil pressure switch installed which activates a relay and will send power to the fuel pump only in the run position thru the ignition switch. If he were to be in a wreck and the fuel system lines were ruptured, the existing power to the pump would have continued to pump fuel and thus causing a dangerous situation for the feeding fuel to a possible fire. So with this new setup, when the following conditions exist the fuel will be shut down (1) key is turned off, (2) fuel lines rupture causing the engine to starve for fuel and oil pressure drops, (3) rupture on the engines oil pan causing low oil pressure.  The “E” brake setup was also re-positioned in order to keep the driveshaft from rubbing the cable. 

Ford Mustang

1978 Ford Ranger

F150 engine.jpg

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1978 F150 Ranger. Here we installed a BluePrint 306 engine with 370HP with a compression ratio 9.5:1.Hydraulic Roller Cam with aluminum heads, 4 inch piston bore with .040 over on pistons with a 3” stroke. Installed a 50oz. external balanced harmonic balancer, one piece rear main seal, Holly 650 carb, and a HEI distributor. Yes, that’s right, a HEI distributor on a Ford. This is a Chevy distributor with a Ford shaft made for the correct cam and oil pump design. Deleted the original control module from the existing setup and rewired system for the new distributor Installed headers on this truck as well. On doing this we needed to alter both engine mounts for proper clearance of the headers. After header installation we delivered the vehicle to our Exhaust shop for a complete separate dual exhaust system. We also did a rear drum to disk brake conversion. The supplied kit needed some alterations due to not being a exact fit. Measurements were taken for precise caliper to rotor alignment and pieces were brought to our machine shop to precisely mill the pieces within .002” of centering for even braking. We also installed all new fuel lines from the tank to the engine. The owner had previously already installed the new fuel tank.

Ford Ranger

2019 F250 Super Duty 6.7L

2019 F250 h.jpg

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2019 F250 Super Duty 6.7L Turbo Diesel. The owner of this truck made the one mistake that he wish he should of not done. He pumped DEF fluid into his fuel tank. This caused the entire fuel system to malfunction and clog up all the way to the injectors which caused his engine to abruptly stop running. The repair for this job is a 2 part process. First we removed and cleaned the fuel tank, replaced low pressure fuel pump and rear fuel water separator / filter element, replaced fuel oil cooler and then flushed all fuel lines from the engine to the tank. Second thing we did was remove the cab to gain access to the engine high pressure fuel pump for replacement, all 8 fuel injectors replaced, all engine fuel lines and rails, and the secondary fuel filter as well. This job requires strict specifications on the install procedure due to the high pressure that the fuel is provided to the injectors. Also once the install procedure is complete we needed to program the engine computer (PCM) with the new injector codes and reset the emission and fuel calibrations. The owner of this truck is from Houston, Tx. and traveled here with his family to cheer on the LSU Tigers football team against the Florida Gators. At least his trip was not in vain, for the Tigers won the game. Go Tigers!!!! 

2019 F250

1991 Jeep Wrangler


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1991 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L, 4WD, AX15 Standard Transmission. With this Jeep we did the following work (a) complete fluid and gasket change on the complete vehicle, (b) spark plugs and wires, (c) all new front brake pads and rotors and rear drums and shoes, (d) new fuel pump and filter, (e) new water pump, heater hoses, radiator, and radiator hoses, (f) cleaned fuel injectors, (g) installed new aftermarket air-conditioning system, (h) removed transfer case and repaired cracked transmission tail piece where a rear bearing flange bolt came out and punched a hole in the tail piece, (i) new alternator.

1991 Jeep

1993 Chrysler Imperial

ABS delete.jpg

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1993 Chrysler Imperial 3.8L. This customer had her Chrysler Imperial towed to our shop due to the (Automatic Braking System) ABS pump was leaking brake fluid and the brakes were not functional. She said that she had searched and called all over the USA for a new, used or aftermarket replacement ABS pump. Well her search landed her empty handed in which she contacted use to see if we can help her. We said yes! She was correct about there being no ABS unit available anywhere. On this particular vehicle there is no brake booster and the brake master and ABS pump is one combined unit. What we did was the following, (a) remove and replace the brake pedal with one from a different model vehicle, (b) remove the brake master and ABS unit assembly and replace with a vacuum brake booster and brake master from a different model vehicle, (c) install 2 different proportioning valves for the front and rear brake system along with a line splitter and cut back some brake lines and also make some new short 3/16" brake lines, (d) Finally install and run a vacuum line from the intake manifold for the brake booster. After all completed, we bled the brake system and now she have a vehicle that can stop. Now I see why she wanted to get the brake system rebuilt. This car drove as smooth as glass and handled very well on the road. We wish her many more years of smooth driving.

1993 Chrysler

2008 Jeep Wrangler

Jeep transmission.jpg

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2008 Jeep Wrangler . On this Jeep which is one of many Jeep's that we have repaired, we have done the following repairs, (a) installed a re-manufactured transmission with 3 year parts and labor warranty, (b) both transmission lines replaced, (c) all new brake rotors and pads, (d) head-gasket and heads reworked, (e) new power steering pump and gear box, (f) replaced transmission shift cable, (g) new radiator and hoses, (h) new right (drivers side) exhaust manifold, (i) new catalytic converters, (j) spark plugs and wires. Since the install of this engine, it had an internal defect after just 3 months. The manufacture replaced it for free with their 5 year parts and labor warranty.

2008 Jeep Wrangler

1981 Chevy C10

C 10 engine.jpg

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1981 C10

On this build was a 1981 Chevy C10. We removed the 350 engine and transmission. Stripped out everything under the hood. We installed a 4 bolt 383 stroker engine with eagle connecting rods and pistons wrapped with Moly Fire rings. The heads were Aluminum Hi Flo with comp cam at 512-520 lift and dual roller rockers. The aluminum intake manifold housed a FiTech Go EFI 4 600 HP fuel injection system. For this system we installed a separate 100 amp under hood fuse block to power up the 2 fuel pumps (primary was a Holly electric pump feeding the Fi-tech forced fuel system we mounted under the hood) and fans along with all the accessories. The brake system was completely overhauled and rebuilt. We had a new driveshaft custom made for this build as well. The truck also got a complete AC system build with custom lines that were made to accommodate the different AC compressor. The complete front of the engine including the water pump had the latest billet system installed with custom alterations that were needed for all systems to fit and operate properly. We installed a new radiator with stainless steel powder coated radiator hoses.

1968 Shelby GT500

68 gt500.jpg

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On this jewel of a 1968 Shelby GT500 with the 428ci the owner called me and ask if I can take on his problems that he was having with his Shelby. I said you bet I can. This entire Shelby was 100% original with all the correct matching Shelby VIN codes, paint codes part codes and stamps. His issues were in idling issues and popping in the exhaust, AC not working, power steering issue, brake issues that were so touchy that when you press the brake pedal it will send you thru the windshield. The original sequential turn signals were also malfunctioning. The original Holley 4 barrel carburetor needed a complete rebuild and repair. The original fan clutch needed to be replaced due to the wobble that existed. The only fan clutch that would fit was an original Shelby reproduction unit which cost $500 in itself. All other aftermarket fan clutches would not fit due to the extreme close clearance issue to the radiator. The radiator still had the factory tag on it. The brake booster was the original Midland power brake booster which needed to be rebuilt for no aftermarket booster will work. I sent this one to Darrell at West Coast Classic Cougar in Oregon for the rebuilding. He knows what he is doing. We fixed all other issues the customer wanted us to address while it was in out possession. Carroll Shelby also signed inside the trunk lid on this Shelby.

Click on the following link to go to a 11 1/2 minute video of this Shelby.

1968 Shelby GT500

More repairs will be added in the future.

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